About aChia:

  • aChia Pool is global – Headquartered in Singapore with a geographically spread Development and aChia Proers team (aChia pool Gurus). aChia Pool was granted an official Chia Network trademark license.
  • aChia Pool is transparent and secure – Built on Chia Network’s official pool protocol, aChia does not require the sharing of your MNEMONIC keys to participate. Everyone is welcomed to join and leave anytime, with no strings attached.
  • Our motto is “Built by Chia Farmer & for Chia Farmer” – A strong online community with a dedicated Discord channel, we have aChia Proers and original members actively helping and providing support to new members, helping us all grow our farms together.
  • aChia Pool is totally about the community – Members can choose their favorite pool reward plan which will apply officially after the first 30 days of the official launch. We are open to members’ opinions to make aChia better every day.

Why join aChia Private Pool?

  • Original plot support. You can use your existing plots and continue to plot, increasing your overall rewards.
  • Guarantee daily payout with a 0.05 XCH balance or greater. Predict your rewards far easier and more consistently than if solo farming & expect a higher yield than other competing pools! 
  • No requirement to share your private keys. Come and go as you please, there is not a need to re-plot.
  • Pool wallet is public. See rewards in real-time via Chia Explorer. 
  • aChia private pool fee is 2%.
  • There is no Chia Network transaction fee on daily payouts.  
  • Founder Member Program for > 1PiB farm (Discount 50% pool fee FOREVER)
  • Reward history report: https://chandat.net/achia-wallet

F.A.Q & Video Tutorial

Feel free to add your question to the F.A.Q channel at this link https://discord.gg/uHSfte9gbp We will answer and update the F.A.Q every week.

How to setup & join aChia Private Pool in 1 min

    1. Download the ChiaSetup-1.1.7-achia-v1.0.exe from Github: https://github.com/achia-co/OG-plot/releases/tag/v1.1.7-achia-1.0
  • From your main node, open Chia UI & navigate to Wallets. Copy your current receive address to a notepad document & save it for later.

  • Quit Chia Farming GUI and ensure all other Chia services are stopped (SWAR, China Satellite Dashboard, etc). If coming from an existing pool, ensure those clients are shut down & will not start automatically upon reboot.
  • Install the ChiaSetup-1.1.7-achia-v1.0.exe

2. Open config file at: C:\Users\<user>\.chia\mainnet\config 

    • Back up your config file with a copy
    • Open to edit config.yaml with Notepad++
    • Locate the “Farmer” section. Typically this is between lines 10-12 of the config.yaml file:
      • achia_pool_url: https://og-v2.achia.co/ 
      • achia_payout_address: <yourpayoutaddress>
  • Pay close attention to the syntax. Ensure you use “Double Space” instead of the tab when adding the lines, for example below.

  • Save the edited config.yaml
  • Start Chia GUI and wait for sync

3. Verify farming rewards are now directed to aChia pooling address: Open farm tab => Manage Farming Rewards

If both of the address shows up our pool public wallet: xch1pugj2c7xf6zq65anp4qkdkd3qgt2tlu6zr8ggpr6xkgpuar2dygqkale7u

Don’t change while running, if you want to go back to solo farming, please recover your config backup.

How to connect your farm to aChia Dashboard?

  • After 5-10mins, you should expect to see a proof or two, assuming your plots > 500. If your plots < 500, expect it to take a little longer.

Open CMD and from your Chia App directory (C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.1.7\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon>) : chia keys show

or copy pool key in plots tab – Chia GUI (remove 0x from beginning)


  • Sign up your dashboard account here : https://dash.achia.co/
  • Select “Add worker” and copy-paste your pool public key 

After the first proof found, your dashboard will synced and look like this: 

Your farm is online on the aChia Private Pool.


– Don’t skip making a copy of the original config.yaml, it’s easy to mess up, if the GUI does not load, please delete the current config and recreate it from the original config. 

* spaces at end of lines, and not have a correct indentation of 2 spaces can cause issues 

– If you are moving from Hpool turn off the client, it will lock the plots and the plots will show as invalid in the GUI. 

– You will notice lots of proofs passing, this does not mean a win, it’s part of the plot pooling checking process. 

– 1 TB will create around 100 points per day on average or 4.16 points per hour, 

– Your point and your est.net space will increase over time, normally it shows up accurately after 24h.

– Please stop using and removing other original pool software (Hpool, Corepool, any pool…) or you will get into the banned list and we withhold all your balance. 


  • Automatic push notifications when winning rewards and payment. 
  • Linux and Ubuntu release
Thank you for joining us. Love you guys.